happy holidays y'all

A little off the top

Are you all missing my lovely words of wisdom? My fascinating bantering of life and more?! What? I can’t hear you. I will take that as a resounding YES. Well, I will be back with all of that soon. But in the meantime, it is almost my most favorite holiday of the year – HALLOWEEN!! What are you guys gonna be for the day?

As I have mentioned before (but still really never gone into full detail) I teach English here on the island. Mostly to kids but I have three sisters from Ecuador that are in their 30s and they are so fun to teach. But for my kiddos this week and next for Halloween we are carving pumpkins. I never see any Jack-O-Lanterns here on the island so I hope my neighbors find mine cool – and not weird. Will show the pumpkins of my students soon.

But til then, this cracked me up.

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