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Dos Palillos

Dos Palillos is a restaurant in Barcelona where the concept is asian tapas. And it is DA BOMB, you must go! It was such a fun experience.

There is a long menu (for 70 € per person) or the short menu (55€ pp) to choose from. Naturally, my parents and I went for the long menu. You sit at the “asian bar” which is opposite the open kitchen and your chef is also your waiter. The chef explains each dish that is served and answers any and all questions you may have – my Mom had a lot. 🙂

To start us off we had a bright pink Japanese mojito. Here are some of the mouth-watering foods we were served. And I apologize for the pictures, I must work on my taking food pics skills….

Fresh Crispy Chicken Roll

Sunomono, with fresh seaweed and molluscs

Yummmmmy, Pasolasmonjas 2007 (Navarra, Spain)

One of my favorites – Tuna belly temaki


If you thought those looked delish, then just think of how much more deliciouser (yes, Kim word) they would be/look/smell/feel if I could take decent food pics! A few more mentions as to what else was on our menu:  home-made shitake tsukudani, sardines with kombu, hot – raw fresh prawns, thai style laser clams, chawanmushi, free range chicken sasami, sea anemone tempura, steamed fresh prawn dumplings (another fav), japo burger, shao lom pao and to end it right – panda leaf ice cream. Have I said it was amazing?!

Just go already. Oh – and if you have the money stay at the Casa Camper hotel right next door.


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