2011 · the royals

Eight More Days

The countdown has begun. Every day up to the wedding I will post some super awesome royal wedding tidbit that you just have to know! So you better check back every day to make sure you are in the know. Also, I am thinking my invite got lost in the mail? Can’t believe Wills and Kate would keep me off the list!

Carry on ….   May I introduce the “Instrument of Consent”, which is the Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II’s historic formal consent to Prince William’s forthcoming marriage to Kate Middleton.

Not only did William have to ask Kate’s dad for her hand in marriage but also his grandma. His grandma naturally being the Queen of England. How cute.

Because of a law from the 18th century – the Royal Marriages Act of 1772 – which decreed that “all descendants of George II must obtain the sovereign’s agreement before they wed, otherwise the marriage is invalid.” King George III (George II’s grandson) ordered the law when his younger brother, Prince Henry, Duke of Cumberland, secretly married a commoner.

I can just hear the conversation now….

William:  Hey grams, what’s up?

Queen: Oh no William, I know that tone in your voice. What do you want now?

William: You know that hot girl I was talking to you about, the one in the see-through black mini dress thingy that she modeled on the runway?

Queen: No.

William: Yes well, grams, seems like I am in love and apparently even in year 2012 I have to get some sort of consent formed signed by you. Kind of like I did when I went to camp, and the army, and even when I wanted to go to the zoo last week.

Queen:  It is called tradition William. It dates back to a law from the 18th century – the Royal Marriages Act of 1772.

William:  Again, 21st century yo. But keeping it reals grand! If you could just sign the permission slip I will be your ever-loving grandson.

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