oooooooklahoma where the wind....

Bedlam, it’s ON

     OSU vs. OU today. Bedlam brawl, and the first one where the Cowboys actually have a good chance! When I was at OSU our football team was not the greatest. And it even went downhill from then. But somewhere between there and here, we have improved. To the extent that we could be #1 in the Big 12. No. Way.

ORANGE. POWER. I could just keep spitting out all the things we yell, but I will spare you. When I was a freshman I pledged the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority and we did Freshmen Follies with the Alpha Gamma Rho house (the cute Ag boys …. SO CUTE). We had to sing songs pertaining to some theme surrounded by OSU and our director said when we sang OSU, it sounded like Dirty Old Shoe. I still think of that whenever I say OSU.

So GO DIRTY OLD SHOE!! Kick some sooner butt.

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