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The legacy of a prince

Where were you when Prince Charles and Princess Diana were married? I was a young girl of 10, having just moved to Oklahoma from Wisconsin. I remember actually setting an alarm and getting up around the way too early hour of 5am to watch the ceremony. I can still picture lying on the floor with my pillow and blanket, never taking my eyes off the TV. The dress, her shyness, the carriage that took them through the streets of well-wishers, we all thought it was like a dream come true. The fairy tale wedding of a young, beautiful woman marrying her prince.

And we know how that ended. Tragically.

Since that wedding I have been in awe of Princess Diana. My mom had this book about her, mostly pictures of her many fashionable outfits, and I would look at it over and over again. I thought she was one of the most beautiful women in the world and the struggles she went through made me only love her more. On that fateful day of her death in Paris, I was in San Diego with a group of girlfriends. We were in shock like the rest of the world, possibly me more than the others, I think they finally told me to shut up when they couldn”t stand hearing me say, ” I can’t believe she is dead”, one more time.

The news station was showing several different times of her life, and I took a picture of the one showing her in her wedding gown. When I had my pictures developed that one of Diana was completely red, you can see her, it is just red. I found it a bit spooky. It wasn’t my film, or the TV, it was Princess Di coming back to me in my camera. Shut up again?

And now, her eldest son, Prince William has asked Kate Middleton to become his wife, and quite possibly the future King and Queen of England. The commoner to be a Princess – every girls dream! Well, mine at least. Waity Katie no more, they dated for over eight years and he finally proposed. (So there is hope!) He gave her his mum’s ring. William saying he has a romantic side and blushing, Kate saying the proposal was romantic. They look very in love and the perfect Prince with his beautiful Princess.

Sigh. Thank you, William and Kate, for being the prince and princess (to be) that little girls dream of.

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