Mallorca · paaaarty

Despedida de Soltero

Saturday was my first Spanish bachelorette party (despedida de soltero). And I am STILL a little tired from the madness, so excuse any grammatical mistakes (actually now and always) please. Or don’t excuse, whatever you need to do. Just let it go! Grrrrrr…. I am CRANKY today!

The despedida was an all day event and here is how it went down.

Unsuspecting Marga arriving at the airport.

The gang with bewildered baby Alejandro (so cute!). And why am I standing so strange? At least the champagne glass matches my dress. Whew. Airport surprise, check. Puro Beach next.

One of my favorite haunts, I have already “talked” about it here.

A hazy but still beautiful view of Palma de Mallorca.

Drinks by the sea? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Next! Off to Son Antem, again another favorite. We had some lunch, went to the holistic spa, then dressed up the bachelorette as Amy Winehouse and went for some dinner at Cosa Nostra in Palma. I had never been to Cosa Nostra and I will never go back. See! I can give a bad review! The food was not good. From the four appetizers, I can only recommend the omelet. Entre? I guess the pizza was okay. All the girls thought the sangaria was terrible, I mean really, how the hell can you mess up sangaria? And it seemed to be the place to bring your bday party or bachelorette party, or some kind of party. For old me, no bueno.

And the chaos begins …..

The Amy Winehouse wig got a little out of control ……

The night ended at Tito’s, rumored to be the best discotech of Palma. I have long made much fun over Tito’s. When The German and I eat at Mediterraneo (so wish we would have eaten there, great food), which is right next to Tito’s, the buses pull up from party town S’Arenal and we watch the hordes of teenaged kids rush off the bus and pile into the elevator to take them up the ten floors to the fluorescent light throbbing disco.

So we went, surprisingly there weren’t too many teenagers, maybe because schools are back in session. The scene was us islanders (like me!), the tourists, or the dancers.

For example, him.

Oh my. And it got even more caliente. Well, for Marga….

And then the show began!

She seemed excited to start work.

She could contort herself into any shape. I was mesmerized. And then decided to call it the night where a continuous loop of lady gaga kept going through my head … “Roma roma-ma, Gaga, ooh la la”

Good Night!

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