Domestic Goddess

Yup, that’s me.  Domestic Goddess. My house is always sparkly clean and smelling of roses. Okay, maybe not. But every once in awhile, I do love to get down and dirty with a good house scrubbing. And my latest purchase makes it even more fun.

Introducing my Hoover FreeJet. It ROCKS man. It is cordless (it recharges on a stand) so no messing with plugging in, unplugging, moving the cord out of the way. And there’s a dustbuster that is attached for use. The Hoover FreeJet lasts to vacuum my house in one go! Plus, it is super light.

Mine is in Oklahoma State Cowboy Orange, so it is even better. Off to vacuum!


3 thoughts on “Domestic Goddess

  1. Aloe

    I will never forget spending that day with you. Remember the earthquake shortly after you moved into the city when we thought a bomb had gone off? Crazy times indeed. xoxo.

  2. mallek8

    Do you want me to delete the first post? But I TOTALLY remember the earthquake. Thought we were being attacked again. Scary.

    And to the other one ….. I’m just gonna use the excuse that it won’t fit in my suitcase. But I can bring 834 bottles of wine instead…..

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