2010 · beach · fun in the sun · tv land

Happy 90210

DONNA: You guys better not drop me. I am on my second new nose.

DAVID:  If I promise not to drop the front end can we finally have sex?

DONNA:  DAVID! NO! I am to be a virgin until, well, another few weeks. And sorry, it won’t be with you.

BRANDON: Will it be with me?

DYLAN:  Sorry Donna, not interested. This week, I only have eyes for Brenda. Next week, maybe I will get drunk, get high and ride my motorcycle over the cliff. You guys will miss me so much.

STEVE:  Hey, if I stand like this will it make my schlong look bigger?

DAVID:  Steve, if you get any closer, I will be having sex with you.


6 thoughts on “Happy 90210

    1. what!? OF COURSE that is a kim original script! wouldn’t dream of putting anything else on my blog. glad you had a giggle. 🙂

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