hi there

dadadada dum dum…. My Persona!

 I hope you caught the beat. Sing it to My Sharona, but it is dadadada dum dum MY PERSONA!

There you go. Good job.

Just hoppin’ back on to say, my persona has changed! For the better. For years now, ever since I moved to Europe whenever I have to introduce myself the comeback is always “Ahh, like Kim Basinger”. And I politely smile and nod, yes, like Kim Basinger, but not really.  And last week I took my students (that I teach English to), to a movie. And on the drive, with 5 of us squished into an Audi TT, one of them said “Kim”. I answered yes? And then my newest student, Tony, said “Like Kim Possible”.

 YES! Exactly like Kim Possible – fashionista, cheerleader, straight- (er) A student, and super secret agent. Yup, that’s me.

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