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Valentines Schmalentines

Whilst I am a girl happily in love I still find Valentine’s Day a bit obnoxious. I feel apologetic to the people out there who haven’t found that significant someone, all alone on the day of love. Forced to see all the women at the office receiving roses, tulips and chocolates. I remember those days, celebrating with Vodka and cigarettes, which was always quite fun actually.

This year The German is in Germany for the love holiday. I am not upset that he is not here to fawn his love over me (which he wouldn’t do even if he was here) but I will be upset if he doesn’t do anything. Because THAT is lame. If you are in a relationship you should at least “acknowledge” it, in some sweet way. A small thing to remind me, you, them, I love you.  It doesn’t even have to cost a dime, and actually the ones that don’t cost anything are always my favorite.  Some flowers from the yard, even if they are really weeds, a sweet note, anything that comes from your heart.

And for those feeling a little anti-Valentines, do not despair. I am here for you! And so are these cards. Soon Monday will be here and it will be a full 365 days before your heart has to decide pro or con VDay. Rest up!

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