Qué hora es?

Hola mi amigo(s?), qué tal?

Since I live on the gorgeous island of Mallorca, naturally one should brush up on one’s Spanish, no? So that is what I did. I just finished my latest week of learning espanol to feel a little less of an idiot when I try to speak to my fellow Majorcans.

I thought some great blog story would come from my classes but it was a lot of discussing things you like to do (me gusta música y tocar la guitarra), describing our neighborhoods (en mi barrio no hay ninguna iglesia) and finally past tense! I have only been able to speak my broken spanish in the present tense. So now I can do that in the past tense as well. Happy happy joy joy. But for some drama to share, lo siento – nada. There was a cute girl from Italy with curly curly blonde hair who always said “no?” after things she said. I decided it could my new thing, no? See, it doesn’t even have to make sense but if you add it to the end of a sentence it seems to tie everything up so european like! And she began her sentences with “ok, so”.

Ok, so, spanish spanish spanish yadda yadda yadda, no?

I am a night owl and I rarely see the morning light. But classes started at 9 a.m. and if you were ten minutes late they wouldn’t let you enter class and had to wait until the break. Strict, I tell you! But it did force me to bit a more punctual than my usual non-punctual self.

It was perfectly lovely walking to class in the mornings. The city of Palma was calm and quiet, a sight I rarely see. No crazy tourists, no taxis clogging the roads, only me, the horses waiting patiently to take one on a tour of the city and the salty smell of the sea.

Ok, so, here is a slice of Palma de Mallorca from me to you. Enjoy.

(click to enlarge)

Beautiful, no?

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