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Hanbury Street Art

Do you like graffiti? I’m not talking about the tags here and there but real amazing so freaking cool graffiti art, street art, guerilla art. Banksy is probably the most prominent graffiti artist but here are others I like – Natalia Rak (I love her murals), ETAM Cru, Eduardo Kobra (cool name), Fin DAC, Swampy, Swoon. There are so many kick ass artists out there. Who do you like?

While I was vintage shopping on Bank Street in East London, I stumbled upon Hanbury St. where it was a graffiti artists haven. It was AWESOME.

Check it out:

Coffee Dreams and Zombie Screams is my fav! Which one is yours?

If you like this, check out my Spray of Paint post from a few years ago with Mallorca street art. Cool stuff too!

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A Spray of Paint

I think street art is pretty cool. I’ve heard of Banksy and would love to stumble upon one of his creations one day. But unfortunately, he is the only one I have really heard about. That being said I still love taking pictures of great street art. I do not like the random spray paint of vulgar words, that does not street art make. No; my friends. But interesting pictures, either with spray paint or stencils or what have you, that is street art.

A bit of art for you from the lovely city of Palma de Mallorca and the Meat is Murder is from a graveyard of half built apartments in Ses Covetes.