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Covid Christmas

Hey y’all. It’s been a long and trying year. But we are still here! There’s a vaccine, it’s almost time for a new year and hopefully there have been some silver linings in this crazy time. But I know it hasn’t been the easiest. Keep on hanging on, you can do this.

Yesterday we went to the local grocery store to buy duck breast, Black Angus and some veggies for the upcoming days. Since restaurants must close at 6pm on Fridays and Saturdays and we have a curfew of 10pm, everyone was doing the same and planning a dinner at home. The meat and cheese counters were packed and people were picking up already ordered legs of ham and suckling pigs. I waited twenty minutes before my number was called and bought the last of the Black Angus, as many things were selling out fast.

This Christmas, we are staying home in Mallorca. No family coming to visit, no friends joining us for a glass of glühwein, just the two of us – and five cats. We opened our presents last night, it was well paired down from years before of many presents. And we had a feast of black angus beef fondue with homemade curry, teriyaki and béarnaise sauce.

Over the next few days we might venture into Palma to look at the Christmas lights that are up in Passeig del Born and view the newly purchased Christmas tree of lights in front of the cathedral, La Seu, albeit wearing a mask. And don’t forget to stay 8 feet away from each other.

It’s quite possible that we’ll get a cortado, maybe even a cerveza. Oooohhhh, a churro sounds fabulous. Of course though, we will have to sit outside as all indoor dining areas are closed because of Covid. We could even call up a few friends to join us but only 4 friends because we can’t be in groups larger than 6.

It’s been quite a trippy year to say the least but all my friends and family are healthy and doing fine. And that is the most important thing. I do hope this time next year we will be able to celebrate together. But this year I will see my family on our Christmas Zoom call in a few hours.

So here is to a better year and not have me end up doing this again.

To end this post for the year… unless I get some needed motivation, I want to send out a very special thank you to all frontline and essential workers who have put their lives at risk every single day of the ongoing pandemic. I am so very grateful.

Happy Holidays to one and all.

One thought on “Covid Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas friend! In these crazy times it sounds like you had a great holiday. Can’t wait to see you again! Much love to you! XO

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