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The Safety Pin


Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that Hillary Clinton lost the U.S. Presidential election. And the aftermath from this shock has hit the world hard. I truly believed when I woke up Wednesday morning that I would see an amazing headline on my computer of “Hillary Clinton Wins Presidential Election.” Sadly, that was not the case and it was “Trump Wins In Surprising Victory.” Not only was I stunned but also sad, appalled and completely confused. How did this happen? I saw for weeks when reading the NY Times that Hillary was predicted to win with around 85% chance.

But it happened.

And now here we are, trying to pick up the pieces, trying to find our way back to make sure that Trump cannot, will not, spew his bigot, racist, hateful self to our lives, our friends’ lives – those who are now very concerned and scared and worried that they will be deported or become victims of hate or more. And I have seen from so many people already saying that we got their backs. We will be there for them. Now, when they need it the most. And always.

But even more than that, we will show compassion and make people remember that love trumps hate. I am stepping up my game even more. I will open doors, smile at people even if they don’t smile back, give to the poor, help a neighbor in need, whatever it is that needs to be done to remind people that this is the right way to live.

Trump won. And I will give him the chance to lead. But never forget Mr. Trump, we are watching. And if you do things which are detrimental to people’s well-being, trust me, you will hear from us. We will fight, we will protest, we will protect the things that so vehemently need protecting. We will not back down from something that is right and good.

How can you show your support? It’s simple. It really is. Wear a safety pin on your jacket. This started after the Brexit and people wanted to show others who might be scared that they are there to help. A safety pin states – You are safe with me. It shows you believe in a better world and you will protect those who cannot protect themselves. It’s a small symbol with a big message. And one that the world truly needs right now. #safetypin

3 thoughts on “The Safety Pin

  1. Well said Best. He wasn’t my choice, but he will be the next President-that’s democracy. There is a reason for everyTHING. We are blessed as Americans that we can vote and that we have freedom of speech. And along with those privileges, there should also be RESPECT. And LOVE FOR ALL HUMANSđź’–

  2. Yes! My thoughts exactly. Respect is very important – but you have to earn that respect. And above all – LOVE. XO

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