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It’s Brit …. er, Jamie, bitch.

If you know me at all, you should know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Britney Spears. True Love for that girl! Her and the two Gwens can do no wrong in my eyes. Sure, she went through a hard time awhile ago. But doesn’t everyone have a hard time at one point in their life? If not more …..

So when browsing through one of my various news websites I saw the headline, “Jamie Lynn Spears Covers Britneys ‘ Oops… I Did It Again’ “. Well, that I just had to see. The younger Spears begins singing her own song “Ms. Mississippi” and after about two minutes, begins singing those classic lines, “Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.” And the lil sis isn’t too bad! Go Jamie Go Jamie. And she really does say, “It’s Jamie, bitch.”

For you to watch and for me to watch again and again and again. Yeah, I’m kinda nuts like that.


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