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Five things

Heyo! Been in a bit of a writing slump but hope the break that soon. Today is list five things off the top of my head.

1. Where the hell did summer go? A rainstorm (which was quite needed) started on Thursday and is still off and on. I loved it the first day – ahhhhh, fresh clean air. But now it has cooled off and I realized I wasn’t ready for summer to be over yet. Please come back!

2. I always start dreaming of what I am going to do, where I am going to be on my birthday in October. I get about a month to think of so many ideas. Last year was the big 4-0 (shhhhhhhhhhhhh) and I didn’t get to really celebrate it in the big 4-0 style because my mom was having surgery and I was there to help her with everything that goes along with being sick and having a big surgery. And don’t get me wrong, I was so happy to be there for my mom. If she needs me, I am there, whether or not I am having a milestone moment. My mom is all recovered so I get to celebrate it right this time. I’ve been dreaming of Morocco…… who is coming with!? But it might just be a ferry ride to the island of Menorca. Or Cornwall? Or NYC? OR DISNEYLAND!??!?!?! Please help me.

3. I feel like I’ve been so lazy this month. Wait, August is over. I feel like I was so lazy last month. There, I said it.

4. Does anyone know how I can make like a million dollars easily? I have so many things on my new favorite shopping site that I want to buy. Would love some Rag & Bone jeans, Frye knee high boots, J Brand skinny jeans, a Tory Burch clutch… I could continue for about a year.

5. Decided I am not cooking tonight. It’s either going to be calling Tropi Pizza for a delivery or driving to S’Arenal for a döner (that is a gyro to you English peeps).

Tell me what’s rattling around in your head. Bu bye.


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