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Happy New Year YO!!

How did you celebrate ringing in the new year? Felix and I went to Tahini restaurant in Puerto Portals for a delish meal of sushi, dumplings and some kind of chicken thingy…. my new fav from there is Foie Gras sushi. O.M.G. If they had given me a plate of only that I would have been a very happy camper. But that’s pretty fattening? Right? Foie Gras. Must check on that.

And then we ended up at Ritzi’s Club. It was a last minute decision since there was only 10 min before the new year and I didn’t want to be in the car. Our friend’s boyfriend is the owner and we were treated to free everything there – so nice of them! Rosé champagne, scotch, dancing on the tables! Oh my. We ended up at home around SEVEN IN THE MORNING! Yes, I had a headache all day yesterday.

But here is to a new year! I say good riddance to 2011 – it really sucked.

Happy 2012 My Friends! Wishing you all peace, love, prosperity and just one hell of a good time. CHEERS!

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