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Fact Follows Fiction

Did you hear?! Jack Wagner and Heather Locklear are engaged! In real time!

Quick! What was the very last scene from the very last episode of Melrose Place? If you followed Beverly Hills 90210, then you followed Melrose Place, and then possibly Models Inc. Which I loved too! Why did they stop after one episode? Possibly I had a bit of an addiction to those shows….. but I remember going over to Andi’s house, we would order up some pizza, sparked up a, well, anyways…. those shows rocked.

Are you now picturing Micheal Mancini and poor Jane in your head? Or Dr. Peter Burns and Amanda Woodward, partners in crime and furthermore, partners forever? Let me bring you a quick recap:

Amanda and Peter faced mounting scrutiny as he was investigated for stealing money from the hospital and she was faced with the revelation that Eve didn’t kill her boyfriend 15 years ago, Amanda actually did. They decided to flee the country and fans were shocked when their hide-out exploded, killing them both. Eve, who had been showing signs of going crazy, finally cracked at their memorial service by throwing Peter’s ashes on Lexi. Eve then found herself back in jail. Michael became Wilshire Hospital’s chief-of-staff. Kyle and Jane found out she was having Michael’s baby, and an anonymous envelope shows up with Amanda’s locket inside. Amanda and Peter are then wed on a tropical beach, and rejoice in their success at faking their own deaths and paying Michael $1 million to cover it up. In the closing shot Amanda and Peter walk together on the beach to the song, “Closing Time”.

And for our last memory of MP. May I bring you the opening theme with jake … kimberley….sidney….amanda….billy …. allison


Congratulations Amanda and Peter  Heather and Jack! May it last longer than Melrose did. Cheers!

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