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Happy VD

In honor of Saint Valentine I had two true love topics to choose from to write about. The first topic is something you may see me continuously bring you live up-to-the-minute updates until April 29, The Royal Wedding, yo!


We can talk about the TwoDaLoo. Do you know? Do you HAVE one? The TwoDaLoo is a water-conserving toilet for couples. In fact, the product page goes so far as to claim that this toilet can help “save rocky marriages and the planet.”


Ahem. I decided on the former. Not shittin’ you.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have chosen their best man and maid of honor! And no surprise, Prince Harry will be the best man while Kate’s sister Pippa will be her maid of honor. So far the only rest of the wedding party announced were the children, with Camilla’s granddaughter, Eliza Lopes, age 3, being included in the group.

Sorry it is not the most ground breaking news of the day… maybe I should have stuck with talking about the TwoDaLoo.

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