tv land

Green Globes

I had so much fun with my 90210 post, that I decided to try it out again. Keep an eye out for my screenplay coming soon….

ANG: Um, Brad darling?

BRAD: Yes, Angie love.

ANG: Could you stop that thumb thing. This is my time, I am the one with the nomination, not you.

BRAD: But the peeps luv me man. I AM Brad Pitt.

ANG: And those sunglasses, seriously, did you smoke up before we left?

BRAD: Wha?

ANG: I have about had it up to here. Plus you haven’t even noticed I am wearing a color.

BRAD: Wha babe?


BRAD: Green. (giggles) My favorite.

ANG: Oh for heaven’s sake. (sigh) Oh! There’s Johnny!! JOHNNY!

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