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To see and be seen.

  Lately, I have been in Palma several times – getting my mammogram and waiting for the Audi to be fixed were the two main reasons but within that involved noticing the antics of the Mallorcan tourists (for the most part) but also, a bit of the regular Spanish life.

Things seen:

1. I parked my car in the underground garage and walked up towards the light. Within minutes of emerging I noticed three younger girls (in their early 20s) dressed in the latest fashion of leggings, longer shirts off one shoulder and when I got closer I heard American voices! It is very rare to hear American voices, and even more so for them to come from three ladies in their 20s. It was nice to hear their comments (something about guys, naturally!) but also to see their confidence. I have heard before that Americans have this interesting assurance of oneself, a cockiness even. That I was proud to see. And as they passed, without a notice of an American in their midst, I smiled and felt a bit of homesickness tugging at my heartstrings.

2. Homeless dude walking happily in and out of stores. He had a bit of pep in his step, even without shoes.

3. A mother and father smoking cigarettes around their two young children. The youngest was in a stroller and must have bit? scratched? his mother’s hand because she became very upset with him. She slapped his legs several times and screamed in his face. And then continued to show to her husband and look at her wrist over and over again. If you cannot control your temper to the things that children do without acting like a child yourself, I don’t think one should be allowed to have children. IMO, of course.

4. And then there was the other family spectrum. A couple each with a huge backpack, and in one of those backpacks there was a young baby. They were very sweet with each other and held hands while crossing the street. Yes, they are allowed to have children. I give my stamp of approval.

5. The metro! I love it! It is amazingly clean and never tons of people. The hidden secret of Mallorca. Granted, I have only taken it from the industrial district where I take the Audi to, and then into Placa Espana, but it is my favorite mode of public transportation. 

6. Extremely short nuns walking along Paseo Maritimo. They were so very short, but then very round, kind of completely adorable with their black rosary beads hanging from their hands.

7. I would have laughed out loud if I hadn’t been so annoyed at the tourists on their Segways maneuvering through the crowded sidewalks of Palma. Not really sure how they managed the many steps that come about. That kind of went hand in hand with the 15-year-old boy riding a four-wheeler around the main streets of Palma. How is this legal?

8. At the red light while taking my rental car back there was a juggler that came out into the middle of the street to perform. Not too bad of a juggling job and he was at least TRYING to do something, to earn a little money. He walked between the aisle of cars and I raised my hand out the driver’s side window to give him a euro. Once he saw me he put on this show, he strutted, flirted, and gave me glances through his eyelashes. I laughed, gave him the euro and sped through the yellow light before I was subjected to more humiliation.

9. And the last – boys ranging in ages from 10 – 18 all with Justin Bieber haircuts. He has definitely arrived in Spain. Welcome to the Bieber.

4 thoughts on “To see and be seen.

  1. I think we were the first people older (just slightly) than 14 who even knew who he was. Now he is EVERYWHERE.

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