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La Boda

My first Spanish wedding this weekend. Marga y Miguel Ángel were married Oct. 23, 2010 at the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca.

I have never mentioned how amazingly beautiful this cathedral is, and I guess you must take my word, but, it is. GORGEOUS. I never seem to get the time right (or know when the right time is) for when the cathedral is open. So I usually don’t get to go inside. I did enjoy a lovely Easter service there in 2009, with the King Juan Carlos. Yes, he invited me.

And if you believe that I have some ocean front property in Arizona. Ahh, I love Mr. George Strait.

Back to the wedding, and the Cathedral! The Cathedral is more commonly referred to here as La Seu, and it took almost 400 years to complete. That’s a long damn time. May I present to you, La Seu:

And a picture I took of it last year that I love. I think when I open my art gallery in Palma, this will be a main print. What do you think?

Cool huh? As I have already mentioned, the wedding took place at the Cathedral, not too shabby, eh? I was told to be there at 17:00 (that’s 5 p.m. to you americans) and as the norm, I was the first one there. Let’s just say, Spanish people are not the most prompt. And I know my friend Bess is rolling her eyes right now! Cos, let’s just say I used to be not the most prompt either. Fashionably late was my favorite theme. So, I have changed my ways, I guess chalk it up to getting older. Or maybe Bess just whipped me into shape.

The crowd began to gather, the invitees and the touristees. When finally, the bride arrived in a black car with her father and her in the back. The groom was excited but anxious, and he opened her door. A kiss on both cheeks for each and then she pinned his boutonniere. A Spanish wedding in La Seu then ensued.

Wishing Marga y Miguel Ángel all the happiness in the future. Congrats!


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