2010 · Mallorca · spain

The Grand Slam Boy from Mallorca

He has done it again, winning his ninth Grand Slam tournament of his still-young career. But this made the first time for him to win the US Open. Qué Guay Rafa! (That means super, or really cool Rafael!!!)

While I am not the most avid tennis spectator, I do enjoy the tournaments. I went to Wimbledon in ’93. I remember getting up at the crack of dawn and standing in a long line forever. Couldn’t tell you who the hell played but I sure did enjoy my strawberries and cream! Which was kind of the main reason for me going at that time in my life. And also to say, Wimbledon? Yeah, of course I’ve been there. Who hasn’t?

Yeah so, enough about me, back to Nadal. Fellow Mallorquin (and a very pretty one at that) winning the US Open and making him the youngest ever to have a career Grand Slam at age 24, makes me proud! If only he would invite me over for sobrasada and some cava to let me express my deep admiration. And maybe a lesson in tennis or two. I do like the word love…..

Rafa (our term of endearment for the Manacor boy), QUÉ GUAY!

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