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Oh when the Saints win a Super Bowl you can thank me

Yes, you are welcome. It is really all my doing that the Saints won. So, New Orleans, again, you’re welcome! I enjoyed doing it and the best city won. Okay, so all of you think I’ve totally fallen off my rocker. Well, possibly yes.

I struggled to stay awake as long as possible for the game, it started at midnight here. I watched the sweaty men plow into each other and several times said “ouch” outloud. My cats were all curled up around me, so happy that owner lady was staying up late with them, truly a bonding experience.

But after The Who came on and the sound was totally jacked – the words that Pete was singing and what I was hearing were two totally different things, sometimes the music stopped but he was still singing. At first I thought, “Oh no! Pete is lipsyncing but he is so old he can’t hear that the music is that off.” But then my tired brain figured it had to be a major glitch in the long transportation of sound to Mallorca. And so, at 2:30 a.m. I called it a night. The score was Saints 6 Colts 10.

Are you still there with me? crickets

How in the hell does this have anything to do with the entire city of New Orleans thanking me? I WENT TO SLEEP PEOPLE!! It seems if I stay up and watch an entire game, my team ALWAYS loses. BUT I went to sleep, therefore with me not watching, my team WON. How about them apples? So, yes, you’re welcome. Okay, I guess some part of their winning had to do with talent and the entire nation rooting on a city devastated only four years ago. New Orleans is back! Who dat!

Enjoy some of the best the south has to offer.

When the Saints Go Marching In: Louis Armstrong

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