save our world

doomsday thwarted

 Thwarted is a funny looking word…. just sayin. There, a spell of randomness for a very important announcement. Time for another SAVE OUR WORLD post. Let’s get serious, pwease. heehee. Okay, really.

A minute gained, a lesson learned?

The doomsday clock was pushed back one minute. It is now 6 Minutes to Midnight. The closer the clock is to midnight, the closer the world is estimated to be to global disaster.

It was last changed in 2007 where it lost two minutes, bringing it to 5 Minutes to Midnight. Reasons for the loss was North Korea’s test of a nuclear weapon, Iran’s nuclear ambitions, a renewed U.S. emphasis on the military utility of nuclear weapons and the continued presence of some 26,000 nuclear weapons in the United States and Russia. Some scientists, assessing the dangers posed to civilization, have added climate change to the prospect of nuclear annihilation as the greatest threats to humankind.

This year we gained a minute in thanks to the Worldwide cooperation to reduce nuclear arsenals and limit effect of climate change.

For the first time since atomic bombs were dropped in 1945, leaders of nuclear weapons states are cooperating to vastly reduce their arsenals and secure all nuclear bomb-making material. And for the first time ever, industrialized and developing countries alike are pledging to limit climate-changing gas emissions that could render our planet nearly uninhabitable.

Push yourself to take it one step further. Do something good for the world and for yourself; go plant a tree with your grandson, start that compost pile or donate some time to a child in need or an elder. We can make a difference but you must take those steps in order to see minutes gained. Not only minutes gained, but a change that you can feel.

Together it is possible.

Only between 30,000 and 40,000 humpback whales remain in the world.



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