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Heeeeere I Come my lil U.S. of A.

Wowzers – I traveled from Spain to the East coast to the West coast to the middle and back. Here is where you could have found me: Queens, Seattle, Portland, Oklahoma City, Stillwater, Brooklyn and Manhattan.  And either a couch or sharing a bed with mom were my sleeping quarters….which was fine but I was happy to get back to my large bed in Mallorca. Is that so wrong?

I was going to go into the whole story about my taxi driver arriving to take me to the airport an hour late but I think this one sentence will be sufficient, albeit I almost went into complete panic mode. So, that said, I hopped a plane to Madrid and then to JFK. There I was greeted by my awesomely fabulous friend that I haven’t seen in two years. It was a quick stop but I got to see Jeannette, Emma in a witch hat and Hannah for the first time! Ooh, and my first (but def. not the last) everything bagel with vegetable cream cheese and a side of mustard. (I am sure if you read the post before you can start to guess I have some strange food preferences)  

Next morning it is off to Seattle! I have never been and until then could only gain a picture through Sleepless in Seattle. Where in the world is Meg Ryan? She did that film with that actor from Australia who got fat, um, um, name is escaping me. Still not there, didn’t he throw a phone at a hotel employee? Seriously, can’t think of it. Don’t fret, it will come to me. Anyways, Meg Ryan….whatever. Who cares. I mean she adopted a baby and she’s cute (except I think I liked her better without the lip injections, her and that other Australian, Nicole, she was married to Tom Cruise, best friends with Naomi Watts – whom I LOVE , really what is wrong with me I can’t remember names?) Ahh, Kidman, after fifteen minutes.

Okay, I am back. So, Seattle, flying Jet Blue for $120 (nice, plus no cost for first checked bag) from JFK-Seattle. I love Jet Blue, more room, your own TV, and the Terra Blues potato chips ROCK. The last hour or so of the flight we were over Montana and I saw no one. Lots of mountains and snow, LOTS of snow. Again, it was me with my forehead pressed against the little and probably really dirty window scanning and memorizing. Who knew Montana was so desolate. I went to college with a guy from MT and all I thought of was big huge ranch lands and buffalo roaming the state. But as we neared the Seattle airport it was crisp, cold water with trees changing colors, an explosion of blue, orange, yellow, green and reds. I felt happy. And excited to see Donita! A fellow OK girl who rocks the casbah plus the hottie has like thirty-four hundred guys dying for her attention.

I grabbed a taxi to her office downtown where we had a quick hug and she sat me at the bar for happy hour while she finished up the end of her workday. It brought back some nostalgia of my early advertising days in Dallas, the corporate world working in this astronomically sized building where everyone comes down to the bar for happy hour to blow off some steam, have a few drinks and flirt with fellow co-workers. It was fun to be a spy on the wall. A few asian girls to my left giggling about boys, a business man alone until a female around the age of 25 joined him and ordered a hot toddy because she was sick and an annoyingly high-pitched woman telling the four men she was sitting with that she couldn’t have a fourth beer because she needed to pick up her child from daycare. Hmm, maybe now is the time to call a friend?

I was drinking a Blue Moon and trying to forget it was 3am Mallorca time when Donita came down. After an order of french fries and another beer we headed off to her new apartment, so cute! She poured two glasses of white wine while I played iTunes from my computer and got ready to go out for the night. Sushi and then to a bar to meet boyfriend/person she finds hot #1.  Sushi at Umi Sake House (2230 First Ave, Seattle) was excellent and it was great people watching. Did I mention it was Hallow’s Eve, the night before Halloween and lots of people were already decked out in their garb.  Donita saw a guy who she thought was standing on a box because he was short but I looked over and it was his costume – his feet were in the box with shoes on top. Funny, so Donita gets one blonde  moment but don’t worry mine will be tomorrow. We got our leftover sushi boxed up, left it at a bus stop for the homeless (it was cold that night, it will be ok) and headed to the bar.

BF1 was there to buy all of the rounds (so nice of him!) and the bar was packed by midnight. I saw Snow White, a few vampires and possibly a monk, I was a bit confused at what he was going for. But Donita and I shared many laughs, as always and ended the night at Dick’s Drive-In. It’s a burger joint people, get your minds out of the gutter. And it was tasty, shall I begin a list of things I miss in the states that usually revolves around food? An everything bagel is one and yummy greasy burgers after a night of cocktails is another.

Stay tuned for Portland, Halloween and my blonde moment of the month, okay week. Kisses!


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