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Well, Bless My Soul


Aaaaaaaand……it’s another list! Love me some lists.


Wait! Don’t go! It will be FUN-NAH. Promise. How are YOU? Please tell me, I wanna know! What do you count as your blessings?


One of my closest friends from the early Oklahoma years called yesterday to catch up on life. We have known each other since we were ten. I remember roller skating to her house wearing my new tennis shoe skates with orange, green and yellow stripes down the sides. Did any of you have roller skates like these? I lived in those things and would gladly have gone into the SCC pool with them if allowed. Plus I had a rockstar skating routine to Jessie’s Girl perfected, just waiting for someone, ANYONE to ask to see it.


We gossiped and caught up on our lives. It is quite possible I bitched about a thing here or there. And she reminded me, that when I feel my life is crashing all around me  – don’t forget to count your blessings. Amen sister.


Here are mine. What are some of yours?


1. My health. I never take it for granted and I think at least four times a year I have appendicitis, or a broken rib, or possibly swine flu. I guess that’s what happens when growing up with a nurse for a mother. I scoured over those books to find my latest, attention getting symptom. I told my friends in seventh grade that I had diabetes and then held my birthday party on Halloween to devour tons of candy. Smart, a little more research kid. But I seriously think I have appendicitis at the moment.


2. OKST. Cowboys kicking some UGA ass last night! College football is back! If only I had Euro ESPN to watch, just not the same with a live ticker.


3. My steadfast, fun-loving, margarita drinking group of friends from all over the world. Thank you for always being supportive. You ROCK!


4. Same for my family. I am lucky to have a loving (and crazy) family. My mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law and cutest nephew ever live too far away.


avery rockingch

LOVE that hair! Cutie Patootie.


5. Cool breezes off the Mediterranean


6. Xanadu (roller skates mentioned above were also in many Xanadu reenactments)


7. My boyfriend (The German). He is a good soul, who (whom? GAH!) I love with all my heart


8. FIVE of the sweetest cats ever. I never was a cat person until mama cat brought me seven babies three years ago. Welcome to Mallorca sucka is what she said when she left them at my front door.


9. Pa amb Oli


10. Delicious Mallorcan wine…..speaking of which. Good night!

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