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school house rock coming home

Gosh golly gee HOW I HAVE MISSED YOU! I hope you missed me.

While I try to capture all my USA adventures to share with you, here is a little School House Rock for you. Did you know the PSA spot for the strange yellow dude from the Hanker for a Hunk of Cheese blog was called Time for Timer? I had no clue he had a name, thought you would like to know. But to be honest, SHR was always my favorite, I own a greatest hits CD! Not surprising actually if you know me.

I found No More Kings from SHR to be appropriate for my trip to the grand U.S. of A – this one is dedicated to the Causley girls: Susie, Barbie and Ellie, THIS ONE IS FOR YOU! Enjoy my friends.

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Hanker for a hunk of cheese


Helloooooooooooo….. is anyone still out there?




These past two weeks have been a whirl of Madrid, cruising in the car AND A BOAT around Mallorca. A friend came into town on a spur of the moment trip to bypass her 40th birthday and we have been livin it up! So, while I get my next posts in order here is a little nostalgia for you.


One of my favorite PSA announcements at the tender age of six, huddled around the afternoon tv in Madison, WI and my snack du jour – crackers and cheese. There is nothing better! A time before the PSAs of alcohol or drug awareness, we had cheese awareness. A slab, a slice, a chunk a’ ….


One quick observation from my “older” viewpoint …… what were these guys smokin who made this??